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Why we created the Shuffle Wallet.

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Our Journey

October 2022

Idea for the Shuffle Wallet

It was a typical evening when Jack, our co-founder, was wrapping up his grocery run at the local supermarket. With bags of groceries in one hand and his cardholder in the other, he fumbled and struggled to retrieve his credit card to make the payment. At last, as he drew the Amex out of his wallet, he dropped the other cards onto the floor. He found that it's very hard to draw a specific card he wanted from his wallet, especially when it's in the middle. That was the last card that broke his back, and the start of the Shuffle Wallet.

April 2023

Initial designs created

In order to solve the problems, Jack and Stephen were trying to design a wallet which can be opened like a deck of cards. Every single card can be drawn out easily.

November 2023

Final designs completed

After 7 months of efforts, inspired by the ease of how people drew cards from a poker hand, the final design completed.

February 2024

Kickstarter launch

Fully funded in 8 hours. Huge thanks for being with us on this exciting ride.

The Team


Jack Yao

Manufacturing Engineer with 5 years of experience manufacturing methods & supply chain optimization.


Stephen Ng

Manufacturing Engineer with 5 years of experience in Design & product development.