How it works

Why the Shuffle Wallet is the smart solution to common wallet woes?

The problems

Organization Challenges

Hard to fit in pockets. Accumulate unnecessary items, and create a lumpy appearance in clothing.


Most of conventional wallets are big and thick, it is horrible when you sit on them. Create a noticeable bulge and lead to discomfort or even back pain when sitting for extended periods.

Limited Accessibility

It's hard to draw the single specific card you want quickly, especiallt when it's in the middle. The need to search through multiple compartments can be time-consuming.

The solutions


The slimmer profile reduces clutter and takes up less space in your pockets.

Slim Design

At 0.51 inches, Shuffle Wallet can hold up to 6 cards and up to 8 with the silicone pouch.

Instant Access

With its innovative deck-of-cards opening mechanism, you'll effortlessly flick to the right card, every time.

And more...


Blocks RFID to prevent wireless theft.

NFC Digital Business Card

Built-in NFC chip for digital contact sharing.

AirTag Holder

The optional AirTag holder can be installed together with the money clip, utilizing the Find My network to help you locate your Shuffle Wallet with ease.

Shuffle the right way.

It's not just a wallet, but a statement of elegance and efficiency, ensuring your everyday transactions are as smooth as your style.

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